Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee
Camp Counselor/Facilitator (2016 & 2017)

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Being selected as a camp counselor and facilitator for the Bulgarian National English Spelling Bee camp two summers in a row was such an honor. The students that win their place at this week long leadership camp enjoy the sunshine tucked in the hills of Bansko, Bulgaria. Cross cultural exchanges that foster their passion for life, eco-friendly solutions to living, camp participants make such eloquent examples of how powerful providing the proper stimulus can be for aspiring young minds. The opportunity to empower these rising stars through various courses on creative writing, American culture and mindfulness, while educating them about the wonders of the world through my personal experiences is equal parts humbling and inspiring.

Photo Recognition

Travel Talk Tours

My experience traveling through Egypt and Jordan with Travel Talk Tours will remain one of the more memorable globe-trotting experiences of my life. The competition for photo of the day was a fun and competitive way to bond the tour group. Luckily for me, I won at least once!

G Adventures

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G Adventures is adventure tours and globetrotting with a purpose. An organization that gives back, supports philanthropy and does away with supporting animal cruelty experiences along the way, a traveler has the opportunity not only to meet amazing people from around the world, but to make a difference in the countries they visit. Hosted by passionate locals with hearts of gold, G Adventures remains my tour company of choice when I’m in need of a break from executing my own logistics during solo travel.


Teaching Traveling
Peace Corps Alum Teaches Positive Body Image as a Solo Black Female Traveler

Being featured in Teaching Traveling was a happy coincidence with a highly fruitful outcome. Being a voice for fellow black, solo, female travelers around the world, for the necessity of being a positive role model for youth and to highlight two amazing programs in Eastern Europe that I was fortunate enough to have been part of is profoundly gratifying.