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In & Around My Mouth; Cyclades

Grecian cuisine is right up there with some of my favorites! It’s often simple, traditional (classic), and is familiar to me from my time living abroad in the Balkans. Time-honored flavors like Musaka and Sofrito are always tempting, but in the land of the gyro, one does as locals do!

Gyro sandwiches come with chicken or pork, but rarely lamb

I’m fanatical over cheese and frequently request additional side orders of either spicy feta or Bouyiourdi as a starter for my meal.

Spicy Feta; personal favorite

These islands are a seafood sanctuary! Whichever kind of seafood your heart (and tummy) desires you can pretty much find it. Further from that, it’s usually always prepared in several delicious ways to choose from making having your favorite dish multiple times during the week exciting!

Seafood platter; sardines, mussels, shrimp and calamari
Smoked halibut, crab salad, stuffed eggplant
Mussels in white wine sauce
Fresh fish or lobster?
Seafood salad
Escargot sautéed in pesto, garlic sauce
These totally count, right?

I genuinely respect an Octopus. Three hearts, mini-geniuses of the sea, it’s true. But they taste oh-so-good especially when wicked fresh!


Octopus in vinegar
Grilled octopus
Octopus salad
Braised octopus with candied onions

Italian and Ottoman influences also make their way into the dessert options. When flavored chocolates and pastries stuffed with berries and creams aren’t enough, try some classics such as:

Loukoumades; Greek dessert made of dough balls drowned in honey w a sprinkle of cinnamon
Licorice flavored waffle cone
Greek yogurt with honey; often simple is better!
Can a girl say NO to chocolate heels!?
Dozens of flavored chocolates and take-away pie samples


Ouzo; whiskey made from grapes usually served w ice because the color becomes cloudy when chilled & Mythos is the locally brewed beer
Salep; a warmed milky beverage said to have healing qualities made from the ground powder of orchids. Add cinnamon for flavor

You should be nice and hungry now! Happy fooding!!

Bag Lady (besides being the title of a great song by one of my favorite female artists) has always been a term of endearment for my style of travel-always carrying too much. Over packing synonymous with my first name. One friend would joke, "if I could hear you coming down the hallway, bag lady!" Another replies with disbelief and hysterical laughter when I proudly proclaim that I successfully packed one 'carry on' sized bag for a two week adventure. Obviously organized, structured and planner are frequent adjectives to describe me. And I genuinely agree unapologetically that these three elements help keep me balanced in life. That is until, or the opposite actually. Consider what it might be like to have the earth shatter from under your feet like a dropped egg plummeting to the ground helpless to its demise, bringing you to an abrupt halt and leaving you in a million pieces from the fall. Yea... that's what it felt like when my Mother, life coach, and best friend in life and all things international travel, took suddenly ill and passed away while I was serving my country overseas in the U.S. Peace Corps. Both my Grandmother and my Mother, the two rocks in my unruly stream of life, taught me that positivity and laughter go a long way. The harsh reality that nothing really goes "according to plan", however, left me ambivalent about what I'm called to be and who I was shaped to be and ultimately pitted my mind against my heart. After I lost her none of the "plans" we'd made were to come to fruition. In the months after her passing I would ask myself some tough questions-as I do- and encounter a profound silence in response. Over time one solitary word would come to me from the saddest place in my heart, GO! So I will.. Now I travel to feel her. To find her in the smiling face of humanity. To keep moving forward with my journey of being a positive change in peoples lives through cross cultural experiences and adventure in places I never thought I'd be inclined to go! Meeting my own travel goals while meeting the truth that time and letting go of all the bags I carry will heal my shattered heart while helping me plant my two feet back on solid ground.

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